Siberia Airlines' summer flights program expansion


During the summer season, there will be regular flights from Barnaul to Hannover, Munich, St. Petersburg, Sochi and Anatolia. On January 25, Siberia Airlines added evening flights from Barnaul to Moscow in addition to the daily morning flights.
The summer program of flights from Kemerovo will be extended with regular flights to Hannover, Anapa and Anatolia. Also, charter flights will be sent to Burgas, to the Black Sea resorts of Bulgaria. Traditional flights will be continued: an evening flight to Moscow (twice a week) and a daily flight to Sochi. The European Airbus A310 will be used to carry passengers to Moscow on the morning flight.
The program of flights from Novokuznetsk includes evening flights to Moscow (twice a week) in addition to the daily morning flights, as well as weekly flights to Sochi and Anapa. The number of evening flights to Moscow will be considerably increased compared to last year.
Early this year, separate pilots and airhostesses teams were formed in Omsk. The launch of flights to Munich, St. Petersburg and Anatolia are planned. In addition, daily flights to Moscow will be provided, as well as regular flights to Hannover, Frankfurt and Sochi and charter flights to Burgas.
In Tomsk, in July and August, the number of evening flights to Moscow will be increased to six flights a week in addition to daily morning flights. Flights to Sochi will be provided up to two flights a week from June to September.
In all cities from which flights are provided, there are large subdivisions of the company, where local pilots and airhostesses work. The total number of personnel working in the west Siberian branches of Siberia Airlines, Novosibirsk not included, is about 500 persons.