Siberia Airlines and Altaienergo company sign corporate cooperation agreement


According to Boris Kurakov, the C.E.O. of Altaienergo, «The system approach is the key principle on which the work of any large company is based. In our case, the talk is about the system approach in providing air transportation services. For us, as frequently flying passengers, the possibilities of deferring payments, late booking, ticket delivery to the office and quick issue of tickets are most essential».
«The purpose of the agreement is to ensure the opportunity for our customer to concentrate on the work, without distracting attention to the transportation issues», says Dmitry Verkhovod, director of the West-Siberian branch of Siberia Airlines. «While contributing to the development and prosperity of our clients, we lay the foundation for our own success in the future, as the air transportation market directly depends on the regional economic growth rate».
The agreement between Siberia Airlines and Altaienergo was signed only several days ago. Yet, the Altaienergo staff workers have already made 10 flights, including international flights. As Boris Kurakov noted, «In summer, when the passengers' activity involves not only business trips, the agreement acquires an additional meaning: the company's employees may take advantage of its benefits, planning their vacations.»
For reference:
Siberia Airlines has been implementing the corporate clients program in Altai since 1999. Currently Siberia Airlines' corporate clientele includes about 50 large companies and organizations located in the region, including the Altai branch of the Savings Bank of Russia, the State Treasury, the Altai State University and others. The meeting with business community of the Altai region in May 2004, when Siberia Airlines presented a modified program for corporate clients, has resulted in 10 more agreements signed.
Siberia Airlines' corporate clients are both government organizations, for which the possibility of deferred payments is most significant, and business companies, for which the comprehensive service is the key issue.