Siberia Airlines and Amadeus have completed a marketing agreement


Amadeus is one of four world largest distribution systems; it provides travel agencies and airlines with services of reserving of flights, hotels, cars and railways and other high-tech services. Owing to Amadeus passengers of Siberia Airlines get the following additional opportunities:

  • ticket reservation for flights of Siberia Airlines and of its foreign partners on interline agreements, which cannot be reserved (or can be badly reserved) via other systems, particularly, for flights of Chinese airlines;
  • the opportunity of automatic choosing the lowest tariff for conveyance;
  • the possibility to reserve, aside from flight, hotel as well, to rent a car, etc.;
  • the opportunity to get (on the special information sheets of airlines) detailed information about flight rules, rules of animals transportation, and rules of transportation of cargo of more than allowed weight, about baggage charge and other terms of transportation, as well as addresses of offices of the airline in other cities;
  • the possibility to get full information about visa and customs rules in all airports on the route, rules of transit and other.

The Agreement signed will let partners of Siberia Airlines make easier tickets selling via Amadeus. From May 2003 Siberia Airlines is not planning to decrease agent commission charges when selling through Amadeus, instead of it the airline introduces tax when selling the flight as well as when selling via Sirena. Thus, the main obstacle for selling flights in Russia via foreign reservation systems (Amadeus ? Galileo) is removed. Siberia Airlines and Amadeus Russia also agreed upon cooperation in the field of promotion of Amadeus system in Russia, distribution of information about services of Amadeus among agents, etc. In addition, Siberia Airlines is also a subdistributor of Amadeus, providing agents with the admission to the system through the reserving panel UniTerm, designed by technical specialists of the airline.