Siberia Airlines and Tolmachevo airport have proceeded to coordinate their actions


The main task of the Board is to coordinate positions of the both enterprises on the most important issues, concerning joint aviation activity in Tolmachevo. The information of the development prospects of both enterprises was presented and means of improving the quality of air travellers’ service were examined at the meeting. The Coordinating Board consists of top-management of the airport and Siberia Airlines. The Board is managed by two co-chairmen: the first deputy director general Alexander Vindermut from Siberia Airlines, who is responsible for production, and the first deputy director general Aleksei Chertenkov from Tolmachevo, who is responsible for finances, economy and commercial activity. Meetings of the Coordinating Board were decided to be held two times a month. Each of them will concern one issue from each party. The next meeting is set to the 10th of August. The previous work of the Coordinating Board of Siberia Airlines and Tolmachevo led to a series of the marked positive results. For example, the joint resolution on the joining up the Medical Unit of Siberia Airlines and the Hospital of Airport Tolmachevo was made as well as decision of the share holding of Siberia Airlines in the maintenance of the Hospital. During the first sixth months of 2003 Siberia Airlines conveyed 148,2 thousands of air travellers on the flights from Tolmachevo. It is 20% more than for the same period of 2002. The share in the carriage of passengers through the base airport in Novosibirsk made up 57.8%. Siberia Airlines operates flights from Tolmachevo in more than 40 directions to 15 countries. Flight frequency of Siberia Airlines is 80 flights a week.