Siberia Airlines announces the results of the Annual General Meeting of shareholders


The following resolutions were adopted at the Meeting:

- To approve the Company’s Full Year 2008 Annual Review;

- To approve the annual account statements for the year 2008, including the profit and loss accounts of the Company, in accordance with the Russian Accounting Standards;

- To approve the distribution of profit in accordance with the results of the year 2008;

- To make a decision not to pay annual dividends on ordinary shares of the Company for the year 2008;

- To specify the number of the Directors of the Board in 9 persons;

- To elect the Board of Directors (BoD);

- To elect the Company’s Auditing Commission;

- To approve CJSC Ludi Dela Auditing Agency (“Auditorskoye Agentstvo “Ludi Dela”) as PJSC Siberia Airlines’s auditor for 2009.

The following persons were elected to the Siberia Airlines Board of Directors (BoD):

- Mr. Alexandr Vindermut, Board Director, Sibir Tekhnik Ltd.;

- Mr. Albert Koshkin, President, OJSC Sibmost;

- Mr. Igor Kuznetsov, General Director, CJSC Firma Faktor LTD;

- Mrs Tatiana Lomovtseva, Director for Legality, CJSC S7 Group (ZAO "Gruppa Kompaniy S7");

- Mr. Yuri Tolmachev, adviser of the Administrative Department, Federal Property Management Agency;

- Mr. Vladislav Filev, General Director, CJSC S7 Group (ZAO "Gruppa Kompaniy S7");

- Mrs. Natalia Fileva, Chairman of the Board, CJSC S7 Group (ZAO "Gruppa Kompaniy S7");

- Mr. Konstantin Makhov, Deputy Manager, Federal Air Transport Agency;

- Mr. Vasili Yurchenko, first Deputy Governor, Novosibirsk Region;

The following persons were elected to the Company’s Auditing Commission:

- Mr. Alexandr Glushanin, the Deputy Director for Legality, CJSC S7 Group (ZAO "Gruppa Kompaniy S7");

- Mrs. Lubov Tonkikh, Deputy Finance General Director, CJSC NBS;

- Mrs. Alla Pakhomenko, Chief Accountant, Globus Ltd.;

- Mr. Oleg Poronjko, Deputy Department Manager of the Territorial Directorate, Federal Property Management Agency for the Novosibirsk Region;

- Mrs. Antonina Taran, Chief Accountant, Department Manager of Siberia Territorial Directorate, Federal Air Transport Agency.

At the Board of Directors first meeting Mr. Albert Koshkin was elected as the Chairman of PJSC Siberia Airlines Board.

ОАО Siberia Airlines (the brand is S7) ( was the largest domestic airline in Russia in 2008 and rates among the TOP-50 of the world air carriers by this segment.

In 2007 the company received an IATA official notification on its registration in IOSA operators register (IATA Operational Safety Audit) and became the second Russian air carrier to close the international audit for compliance with the operational safety standards.

S7 Airlines is one of the most stable airlines in Russia who employs the latest advances in the industry and is rapidly developing its operations. The company has the largest internal flight network in Russia, based on the three big centers in Moscow (Domodedovo), Novosibirsk and Irkutsk and the airports in Chelyabinsk, Perm, Sochi and Khabarovsk. S7 Airlines operates the flights to over 100 cities.