Siberia Airlines’ BIG AIR project to fly to ski mountain resorts


No formalities are required to participate in the project. It just takes 5 return flights with Siberia Airlines to ski mountain resorts from Moscow under any tariff within two years. To get a bonus ticket you should submit 5 original tickets to one of the Siberia Airlines’ ticket offices. The only condition is that all flights must be made from November 31 to March 31 to at least two various destinations embraced by the BIG AIR project. Along with the popular destinations (Krasnaya Polyana, the Bavaria Alps, Gornaya Shoria, Khibini Mountains, Baikal, Northern Caucasus, Kamchatka) the BIG AIR project offers flights to winter resorts that are still new to Russian tourists: Georgia, Armenia and Uzbekistan. The company’s administration hopes that the new project will attract more tourists and develop tourism industry in these regions. For more detailed information, please contact the Siberia Airlines inquiry office: (095) 777 9999, or visit the company’s website at