Siberia Airlines changes the principles of its fare system for the summer season


Up until this time, the airline used the classic fare system which was developed by the world airline community in the 1960’s. It is based upon the differentiation of passengers by trip purpose with the help of fare structure. Among these are sales a certain number of days before departure, limiting periods of minimal and maximum stays at destinations, and the “Sunday rule”. The less restrictions there are for a fare, the higher it is.

“After continuously analyzing the desires of our passengers, we came to the conclusion that the traditional fare system is difficult to understand and often does not allow a passenger to use a discounted fare, even if there are free seats on the flight” — noted the Commercial Director of Siberia Airlines, Anton Eremin. “In the new fare system, the accessibility of cheaper fares depends only on how full a specific flight is”.

Besides this, all fares can be combined with each other. This means than with a return trip, the fare will be composed of the lowest available fare on the “outward-bound” flight to the destination and the lowest fare on the “inward-bound” return flight. Fare validity restrictions have also been removed and are now one year. There are also no limitations for minimal stays at destinations.

The return and re-booking rules have been substantially simplified. All fares are divided into three categories, each of which has an original name. For fares in the first group, re-booking and returns will take place without charge, re-booking of fares from the cheapest group is possible only by paying up to a higher fare. A group of fares has also been planned which occupies an intermediate position with a standard level of penalty during re-booking.

“Youth” and “Pensioner” fares have become unneeded, since they now all categories of passengers have access to their levels.

Besides the advantages names, the new fare system makes on-line booking of tickets on the site easier and more understandable.