Siberia Airlines Had a Meeting with German Frontier Guards


The workshop provided training to Siberia’s employees of the various departments in charge of accurate completion of passenger entrance documents (Visa Control Service, Sales managers, Travel Agency’s regional managers and representatives of all Siberian subsidiaries of the company). The workshop was also attended by the Armavia Airlines’ head of Visa Control Group, Siberia’s partner in Armenia, and by the top officers of the Freestanding Check-point of the Federal Frontier Service (FCPFFS) in Tolmachevo airport. January 2003 witnessed the introduction of a new, Shengen visa form which is altered slightly from the previous version. The main modifications were in the procedure of the form completion and the introduction of the visa owner’s photo, which was not required before. Today, the penalty imposed on the Airlines in case of deportation of a passenger with illegitimate documents from one of the Shengen visa member-states, amounts to 10,000.00 EURO. Counseling and training provided by German frontier guards to the Siberia and Armavia Airlines’ employees contribute to substantial improvement of their competence level in dealing with exit documents and help in avoiding potential penalty charges borne by the company. The GFFS’s delegation was headed by Mr. Manfred Hund, the person with a decisive say in deportation of passengers with inadequately completed documents. Therefore Siberia’s and Armavia’s staff received literally first-hand information as to what is of primary importance in working with visa documents. Apart from that the German specialists provided the company’s and the FCPFFS’ employees with the relevant handouts, including training books, documents and technical facilities to be used in operation and on-going in-service training of the visa and frontier service personnel. The practice of such activities dates back to the beginning of 2001, when the German frontier guard service from Munich airport provided its first counseling and training support to Siberia Airlines. Presently Siberia Airlines is the only Russian air carrier so closely cooperating with its German partner to avoid illegitimate boarder crossing by its passengers.