Siberia airlines has finished the summer program of international flights from Barnaul to Germany


This line was opened by the airline under a request of the management of Altai region in accordance with the great summer traffic flow in this direction. Demand for the flights to Germany coursed by large number of Russian Germans in Altai and North Kazakhstan, most of whom went to Germany in 1990 for domicile and now invite their relatives and visit their small motherland themselves.
In addition to tow-way traffic of relatives Siberia Airlines passengers of these flights were Russian tourists, going to Germany, and German hunters, visited wild places of the Mounted Altai. The weight of carried hunter’s weapons sometimes made up 40 kilograms. It was carried in accordance with the present aviation rules, in closed metal boxes in baggage compartment of the plane.
At the present time leaving Russian Germans in Germany is going on. This summer only on Siberia Airlines flights from Barnaul to Hanover flew about 50 people, for whom was the special fare 299 $ USA with the increased rate of unpaid luggage transportation. Remind that in the middle of 1990 up to 1000 people flew by Siberia Airlines aircrafts IL-86 from Novosibirsk to Germany in a week.
Next summer Siberia Airlines is planning to increase frequency of regular flights from Barnaul to Hanover. In total in summer of 2002 the airline executed about 30 flights in a week from Novosibirsk, Omsk, Barnaul and Moscow to Hanover, Frankfurt/M and Munich.
During winter period Siberia Airlines offers to Altai citizens in addition to all-the-year-rounds regular flights to Germany from Novosibirsk also transfer flights to Hanover and Munich via Moscow («Domodedovo»)