Siberia Airlines in the Siberian region


Since 1997 Siberia Airlines has been fulfilling the regional traffic development program in Siberian region. During this period five branches and several representative offices have been opened in many big cities of Western and Eastern Siberia. In 1997 Siberia Airlines had flights only from Novosibirsk, but now direct scheduled flights are operated from 11 cities of the region in Moscow direction alone. In middle nineties many regional airlines were on the verge of bankruptcy. In this conditions arrival of Siberia Airlines to the region implied arrangement of regular systematic air communication at the region, workplace reservation, raising the level of flight service. For instance, the first branch of Siberia Airlines was founded at the turn of 1997 in Barnaul on the basis of local airline-bankrupt. At present more than 130 employees work in Altai branch of Siberia Airlines, and traffic increase amounted 20% in 2002. The first-rate Siberia Airlines branch is located in Irkutsk, more than 260 employees work there. During this year alone 3 new flights from Irkutsk have been launched, including 2 international flights. Pilots and stewards from Irkutsk form the basis of the branch staff, which had come from broken-down Irkutsk airlines to Siberia Airlines. Siberia Airlines branches have been also founded in Tomsk, Kemerovo and Novokuznetsk. Siberia Airlines is taking the leading position in above cities, fully meeting a demand for flights in Moscow direction, thought other airlines have opportunities for Moscow flights as well. Such a position is provided by well-organized business, flexible tariff policy and high service level of Siberia Airlines, so other airlines cannot meet competition with Siberia Airlines long in Moscow direction. In its turn Siberia Airlines is successfully developing new markets in Siberia, launching flights in new directions and attracting passengers. For example, for two years and a half of work in Irkutsk Siberia Airlines has founded more than a dozen of new flights and at present the airline conveys more than 35% of passengers in Irkutsk, and in Moscow direction it takes 60% of the whole market. In Omsk Siberia Airlines has also taken the first places in traffic volume, providing a quarter of all Omsk airport incomes. In addition to Moscow flights, Siberia Airlines is intensively developing regional traffic between Russian cities and abroad. In this way during 2002 — 2003 years the following flights have been arranged: Barnaul — Hanover, Novosibirsk — Nizhnevartovsk, Novosibirsk — Surgut, Irkutsk — Omsk — Krasnodar, Novosibirsk — Tashkent, Irkutsk — Seoul, Irkutsk — Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk — Rostov-On-Don and many others. Transfer transportation with flight joining at Moscow and Novosibirsk has also been highly developed. Transfer flights considerably expand the geography of flights from each region. You can fly through Moscow alone from each Siberian city in 20 Russian and international flights of Siberia Airlines.

Siberia Airlines traffic in the largest cities of the region
Branch Year of 2002 (dispatch of passengers, thous. of passengers) Increase by 2001 (in %) Quantity of employees
Irkutsk 115,5 +69 % 222
Barnaul 51,2 +20 % 142
Tomsk 49,6 +16 % 96
Kemerovo 49,3 +32 % 89
Novokuznetsk 38,8 +17 % 88
Omsk 47,9 +3 % 11
Novosibirsk 312,2 +34 % 2780