Siberia Airlines increases weekly number of Mosocow - Baku flights to six


«A high frequency of flights allows us to satisfy our passengers needs in the best possible way, thus making connections with our flights in Moscow more convenient. Therefore the increase in the number of flights on the Moscow-Baku route fully conforms to our development strategy», says Siberia's commerce director Anton Yeremin.
Siberia Airlines now offers the passengers of the Baku flight convenient flight connections with flights from Moscow to a dozen Russian cities. Having arrived in Moscow from Baku in the evening, a passenger can now depart from the same airport on the next Siberia flight within 2-3 hours.
Siberia Airlines introduced the flights from Moscow to Baku in May 2001. The company now plans a regular Novosibirsk-Baku flight for the 2004 summer timetable.