Siberia AirLines is developing its Altai Branch


Now in the airport passengers can instantly get the latest information on seat availability, time of arrival/departure, interlining with the other Siberia Airlines' flights in Moscow.Starting from June, 2001, at weekends, the Airline's scheduled flights to Moscow will be performed by wide-body Aircraft IL-86 (316 seats, including 20 Business Class). This decision was conditioned by the increase of passenger flow in summer. The flight from Barnaul has a convenient interlining in the airport Vnukovo with the other Siberia Airlines' flights going Moscow — Hannover and Moscow — Munich. It is well-known that a numerous diaspora of so-called “Russian Germans” who have roots and contacts with Germany live in the Altai region.Incidentally, it was Siberia Airlines that performed the first technical IL-86 flight from Moscow to Barnaul in the autumn of the year 2000. This event took place after reconstruction of the Altai region main airport. Nowadays airport in Barnaul is used as an alternate destination for IL-86 Aircraft flying to Novosibirsk.Siberia Airlines has been performing flights from Barnaul since November, 1997. The same year the Altai Branch of the Airline was founded there, it was one of the first Company's regional branches. In the summer of 1999, there was opened Siberia Airlines' Ticketing Sales Agency in downtown Barnaul (1, Prospect Stroiteley). In February, 2000, on the basis of the above Agency, the Travel Agency was founded by the Company. The Agency's specialty is Gorny Altai tours for Russians and foreigners flying with Siberia Airlines.