Siberia Airlines launch new flight Moscow


Siberia Airlines has provided flights for Stavropol before, but those were the flights transferred to Stavropol temporarily during the period of repairs to Mineralnye Vody airport. From now on, the flights to Stavropol will be made on a regular basis, which would allow the residents of the Stavropol region to make use of their own airport on a year-round basis, without going to the other city's airport.
The new flight is integrated into the flight timetable in such a way as to ensure convenient connection with flights from Siberia Airlines - Moscow hub, to the largest northern and Siberian cities, as well as for Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan. This feature of Siberia Airlines route network is especially significant for the southern regions of Russia, where a large part of the population has close working and family ties with the people in the eastern and northern territories of the country.
Stavropol has become the eighth city of the Southern federal district, to which Siberia Airlines provides regular year-round flights from Moscow. The southern region is a priority territory for the company's development, with the geography of flights expanding from year to year. Thus, flights from Moscow to Rostov-on-Don were launched in winter, flights to Volgograd will begin in May, and a large number of flights will be added to the regular routes from Moscow and several Siberian regions in summer.