Siberia Airlines launches a media communication program in support of its new corporate image, and announces the holding of a competition on the theme “What is S7?”


The company has decided to transmit information about its change of image in an unusual way, and is announcing that it will hold a competition. Participants are asked to describe their fantasy, and suggest their idea of the answer to the question “What is S7?”

The techniques of mobile marketing enable anyone who wants to take part in the competition to do so, just by sending an SMS message to the number 7272. All participants can receive mobile content through the address — screensavers with pictures of the aircraft, smilies, and different ringtones, including those containing the S7 theme tune.

Additionally, the participants will be able to win unusual and stylish prizes with the S7 logo. All SMS messages will appear on the competition site. Voting for the answers they like, the participants will be able to decide the winners themselves.

On the site, there are two other ways to take part in the competition, by sending interesting stories and photographs about travel.

The main prize is a year’s ticket on Siberia Airlines, which will be given to the person who comes up with the best and most original answer. The lucky winner will be able to fly for free on the company’s flights for a whole year.

The competition will be backed up by advertisements on the internet site, announcements on S7 flights, and announcements and competitions on leading radio stations, including Evropa Plyus, Ekho Moskvy and Radio Jazz.

In order for radio listeners to be interested in the “What is S7”, options have been chosen that are suitable for the format and program schedules of each radio station.

Konstantin Koshman, the director of marketing and development for S7 GROUP described the promotion as follows: “All the most famous brands aim to engage people with their culture. This is the goal we have set ourselves when planning our communication program. After the Landor branding agency developed the ideology and foundations of our brand, we had to decide how to explain these values to our staff and passengers. The “internal” marketing of the concept preceded the “external marketing”. This was aimed at all employees and including seminars, internal office space being equipped with informational materials with the new corporate symbols, and questionnaires. To start with, we wanted to taste the change for ourselves, learn about the new culture, realize how we have changed, and then we moved the focus onto the external audience. We chose this particular competition format because we wanted something interactive and original. This is the first competition of its kind in Russia, and we expect a high catchment indicator, and most importantly, that people begin to understand our values more deeply. We have reason to be hopeful due to the original idea, which should draw create genuine interest and involvement among our audience.”

As soon as the results of the “What is S7?” competition are announced, in the middle of April a large-scale advertising campaign will being, using national television channels and outdoor advertising.