Siberia Airlines launches a scheduled international flight Irkutsk-Dalyan


Dalyan was a Russian outpost in the North-East of China in the past, and now it is a popular resort city on shore of the Yellow Sea. Last year Dalyan was visited by 490 thousand foreign tourists. In 2002 flights from Irkutsk to Dalyan were operated by Siberia Airlines as charter flights, and now it is a scheduled flight, a ticket for which you may buy both in Russia and in China. It is the second scheduled flight of Siberia Airlines from Irkutsk to Dalyan. In June after two months interval scheduled flights from Irkutsk to Shenyang were operated again. In the context of the summer time-table of flights from Irkutsk Siberia Airlines operates direct scheduled flights on 14 directions. At that, scheduled flights to Saint-Petersburg, Seoul and Dalyan are operated for the first time.