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Siberia AirLines launches flights to Surgut


The flight will be operated twice a week by TU-154 Aircraft having a comfortable passenger cabin with 148 seats including 8 Business Class."The main features of this flight are through-tariffs and convenient interlining with Siberia Airlines' flights to the South (Sochi, Krasnodar and Anapa) which is really important for the passengers from the North as they might plan their summer vacation," says Siberia Airlines' Commercial Director, Anton Eremin.This will be the first scheduled flight from Surgut to Novosibirsk on TU-154 aircraft. This flight used to be operated by other airlines by short-distance Aircraft, such as AN-24 and YAK-40. Capacity and cruising speed of these Aircraft are much lower. With utilization of TU-154, flight duration will reduce almost twice. Besides, Surgut citizens will have an opportunity to fly to Novosibirsk in Business Class cabin.