Siberia airlines operational results in 2005


In 2005, Siberia Airlines carried out 32,972 flights. The number of transported passengers summed up to 4.204 million , which is 12.3% more than in 2004. 63.6% of passengers flew on domestic routes, and 36.4% on international routes. Passenger kilometers grew by 11% on 2004, to 10.949 billion rpk (revenue passenger-kilometers), and the amount of cargo and mail transported grew by 12.5% to 25,788 tons.

In 2005, Siberia Airlines continued its key development programs —fleet modernization, route network expansion and rebranding.

Over the last year the company considerably augmented its fleet of foreign-manufactured aircraft, with eight Boeing 737-500's and four Airbus 310's being brought into service. Western planes were used on 62 routes, both charter and scheduled. On 30 routes, Western aircraft were operated on a constant basis.

In 2005, eight new routes were introduced: from Moscow to Bangkok, Pavlodar, Tel-Aviv and Ust-Kamenogorsk; from Irkutsk to Beijing and Komsomolsk-on-Amur; and from Novosibirsk to Khujand, Vladivostok and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The number of flights was significantly increased on regular routes from Moscow to Anapa, Sochi, Chelyabinsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Rostov, Novosibirsk, Tbilisi, Yerevan and Ulan-Ude.

Additionally, charter flights were launched between Moscow and Ancona (Italy), Bursa (Turkey), Constanta (Romania), Goa (India) and Iraklion (Crete, Greece). New charter flights from the Russian regions were also introduced, with non-stop flights to Pula (Croatia), Rimini (Italy) Barcelona (Spain) and Utapao (Thailand).

Since February 2005, tickets for all Siberia's flights can be purchased through the airline's own website - In 2005 Siberia Airlines became the first Russian airline to offer ticket sales through the web.

The company’s rebranding program saw considerable progress over the last year. The company actively implemented elements of its future brand — S7 Airlines. The redesign of the fleet of aircraft with the new corporate colors was started. Currently, almost all the foreign-made aircraft and two Tu-154 aircraft carry the new colors. Additionally, the majority of the foreign aircraft have been equipped with new interiors, designed in the new corporate style.

In April 2005, the company’s business lounge was opened in Domodedovo Airport. Siberia Airlines’ business lounge, which serves passengers flying on domestic routes, is the biggest business lounge in any Russian airport. The lounge has a unique design, created by the international agency Landor — both sections of the lounge change their features depending on the time of day. The “Caf?” zone becomes a “Bar” and the “Office” zone becomes a “Home”.

In December 2005, Siberia started to apply new corporate colors to flight tickets. As part of the program to improve service in Domodedovo, a system of simultaneous check-in has been introduced, which has significantly increased the efficiency of check-in and has reduced queues.