Siberia Airlines optimizes the operation of its office at Domodedovo airport


Siberia Airlines’ office is the largest one at Domodedovo Airport. The main objective of the Domodedovo Office employees is to solve all possible issues and difficulties that might be encountered by passengers during their travel.

The fact that Domodedovo Airport is becoming Russia’s largest airport in terms of the number of passengers serviced, and the seasonal growth in Siberia Airlines’ passenger traffic, with Siberia Airlines being the largest airline for Domodedovo Airport, have led to a significant increase in the amount of work performed by the Siberia Airline Office at Domodedovo Airport.

“This summer, Siberia Airlines will service from 16,000 to 20,000 passengers daily at Domodedovo Airport, which is, approximately, 15% more than last year. Considering the overall increase in the Domodedovo Airport passenger traffic, the airport’s capacity problem would become even more obvious”, said Igor Shemyagin, Head of the Siberia Airlines Office at Domodedovo Airport. “In this regard, we have, jointly with Domodedovo Airport authorities, developed and implemented a program aimed at improving the efficiency of the Airline’s services to the best of our clients’ interests, in the first place.”

Under this program, registration of passengers for all Siberia Airlines internal flights is now conducted simultaneously at 10 counters in the morning and afternoon (09:00 — 13:50) and at 15 counters in the evening and at night (19:00 - 23:00). During these time periods, the passenger can register for any internal flight at any counter with the Siberia Airlines logo. Starting from July 15, the number of simultaneous registration counters has been increased to 15 and 20 counters, respectively.

“This system makes it possible to substantially increase the efficiency of the registration process and avoid the queuing of passengers,” commented Igor Shemyagin.

As a result of Siberia Airlines’ growing on-line sales, a special counter (Counter No. 80) was installed at Domodedovo Airport to service those passengers who have purchased air tickets through

“This is an example of how we care about the passengers who have bought their air tickets at and prefer to pick them up right at the airport. Earlier we used to record and register such passengers at our own cash offices, but to make it more convenient we have decided to install a separate registration counter which, I may add, is presented in the new colors of the Airline,” said Sergei Lavrentyev, Director of Corporate and Internet Sales for Siberia Airlines.

It should be noted that this counter will service not only the “Internet-passengers”, but also the economy class passengers who wish to purchase a ticket to the Siberia Airlines Business Lounge at Domodedovo Airport, where they can spend their time pleasantly and usefully while awaiting their flight. The new Business Lounge of Siberia Airlines has everything one might need to enjoy him or herself.

“Thanks to our efforts aimed at optimizing the operation of our office at Domodedovo Airport, Siberia Airlines has succeeded in increasing its Domodedovo Airport Office efficiency by 100%. We are confident that these measures will have a positive effect on the quality of our service and be appreciated by our passengers”, said Igor Shemyagin.

Siberia Airlines is Russia’s largest carrier for domestic routes. Siberia Airlines’ unique route network is based on three largest air transportation hubs located in Moscow (Domodedovo Airport), Novosibirsk, and Irkutsk, from which the airline conducts more than 100 flights per day, including more than 30 regular flights from Moscow. Siberia Airlines has a large fleet of aircraft, that consists of over 50 aircrafts, such as Boeing 737, Airbus A310, TU-204, IL-86, and TU-154.