Siberia Airlines plane of «Siberia» airline will be named after Youlia Fomina


On the 14th of May the solemn ceremony on appellation of name Youlia Fomina to Siberia Airlines plane Tu-154M, hull No RA-85619, will be held in «Vnukovo» airport.
On May 15, 2001 flight VKO No 2806 was made by this aircraft on the route: Stambul — Moscow («Vnukovo»). After take-off from Stambul airport the plane was captured by terrorists. The terrorists demanded to change the flight route and follow to one of Saudi Arabia airports, under threat of explosion on board the plane.
For passengers and plane safety, the crew had to meet the demands, change the route and make landing at Medina airport. Decisive and competent actions of the crew in the emergency situation, made it possible to prepare and effect plane storm by special forces of Saudi Arabia, to free hostages and avoid numerous victims among the passengers. During the storm effected by a special storm-troop, Youlia Vyacheslavovna Fomina, the stewardess, was lost having followed her official and civic duty. Biographic information Youlia Vyacheslavovna Fomina was born on the 26th of April 1973, in Moscow. She completed 8 classes of school No794 in 1988. In June 1993, she graduated from normal school No4 of Moscow Education Department, the qualification given: infant school educator with right of foreign (German) language teaching. Since February to November of 1994 she worked as an educator with foreign language teaching in child institutions of SouthWestern Moscow Education Department, Moscow. From November 1994 to August 1995 she was on maternity leave. From August 1995 to April 1996 she worked as a secretary at the Central Committee of guard organizations trade union. In May 1997 after training course at NOU «Stewardess school», she took the position of III class airhostess at open joint-stock company «Vnukovo Airlines». She had flight admission for Tu-154, Tu-134, Yak-42, Il-86, Tu-204, International Airlines (IAL) flights. Total amount of flying-hours was about 2000. Youlia won deserved authority and respect of the colleagues and fulfilled her duty with responsibility. More than once she was given a bonus by the airline management. She was married. Daughter — Yana Andreevna Fomina, year of birth — 1991. Aircraft Tu-154M hull No RA-85619 (Information) The plane was produced in November 1986. Total flight time for May 2002 is less than 27000 with specified time of 30000 hours, prolongation possibility is up to 45000 hours. Plane landing life has been exhausted only in 60%. After storm damage major repairs have been made at the air fleet plant No411 in Mineralnie Vodi.