Siberia Airlines provides transportation of Baikal economical forum participants


One of the main Siberia Airlines tasks, provided by strategic plan of development is creating of the «air bridge» between countries of European continent and Asiatic-Pacific region. Up to this day Siberia Airlines created a net of routs, connecting each other cities of Siberia, Far East, Korea and China with Moscow, Germany, southern regions of Russia and countries of the Commonwealth Independent States. In the nearest future is the opening of flights to Japan.
Creating «hubs» in Moscow, Novosibirsk and Irkutsk let the airline to open new domestic and foreign flights in different regions of Russia. A unique geography position of the hometown for the airline Novosibirsk (in the center of Eurasia, in crossroad of the shortest ways from Europe to South-East Asia) makes preconditions for creating a large international aviation center in the city.
«Being a general sponsor of the second Baikal Forum and providing carriages we think that it will help to organizers to gather the most representative participants of the forum, what in its turn would make this action such important for Siberia, Far East and for Russia as a whole more successful» — director general of Siberia Airlines Vladislav Filyov is marking.
In August, 2002 according to rating of IATA on the results of 2001 year Siberia Airlines for the first time became one of 50 largest airlines of the world on traffic in domestic lines.