Siberia Airlines starts flying second Airbus plane


The new planes are to be primarily used on domestic routes from Moscow to Irkutsk and Kemerovo. They will be also used for flying to a number of airports abroad.
Because of wide hull, 310 is the most comfortable and universal liner in the category of 200-seat airplanes, also known for its economy in use. Thanks to its ability to carry standard freight containers, it is also effective in carrying cargo. This plane is optimal in long-distance routes, also providing true comfort of a wide-body cabin in medium distance routes.
Both 310 aircraft are equipped with PW4000 engines produced by Pratt & Whitney. Each airplane is intended to carry 12 and 193 passengers in the wide cabins of business and economy classes, accordingly.
In 2003, Siberia Airlines ranked the first among the Russian airlines for the internal traffic volume and the second for the total passenger turnover. Last year the Company carried 3.4 million passengers.
In February 2004, Siberia Airlines won the Air Transport World award for Market Leadership. Besides, Siberia Airlines is Russia's first holder of the Flight International Aerospace Award 2003 for Excellence in Corporate Strategy.