Siberia Airlines to start new Kazan - Moscow flight


The main advantages of the new flight are convenience for business travelers (early departure for Moscow), a comfortable and fast flight (flight duration 1 hour 20 minutes), fast and free delivery from the airport to the center of Moscow. The flight can boast of the other traditional services free drinks and a breakfast, fresh press, etc. The flight timetable is drawn up in such a way as, having arrived with the morning flight from Kazan, to spend a whole working day in the capital of Russia and return home by midnight.
The flight offers a wide range of fares. If a ticket is bought more than 21 days in advance, the cost of a one-way flight is 1,000 rubles, more than 10 days in advance - 1,500 rubles, more than 3 days in advance - 2,000 rubles. The maximum economy class ticket price at any time is 2,500 rubles. A business class ticket costs 7,000 rubles.
The tickets for the new flight are already on sale. Before April 18, a special price is offered for the Kazan - Moscow flight - 750 rubles for any date.
The ticket price includes free passenger delivery from the Domodedovo airport to Moscow and back with an Aeroexpress bus. Passengers can enjoy another free service - to check in for the flight at the Paveletsky station in the center of Moscow.
In addition to a direct flight to Moscow, Siberia Airlines offers the Tatarstan residents a whole range of flights from Moscow. For this, a special fare has been introduced - 10 rubles for a flight from Kazan to Moscow. It is possible to buy a 10 rubles ticket, simultaneously buying a ticket for any regular Siberia Airlines flight from Moscow at any tariff. The Moscow route network of Siberia Airlines includes about 35 airports of destination in Russia and abroad (buying a flight from Moscow abroad, a ticket to Moscow will cost USD 10).