Siberia airlines took part in presentation of Irkutsk region in Japan


Leaders of chief Irkutsk enterprises as well as Siberia Airlines management, were members of official delegation including about 100 persons. It was «Siberian» plane Tu-154M that took Irkutsk people and Moscow and Novosibirsk representatives to Tokyo, capital of Japan.
Meeting in Japan became possible due to direct-chartered flight made by plane Tu-154M of Siberia Airlines, supplied with all the necessary equipment for international flights. The captain of the flight was Director of East-Siberian «Siberia» branch, first-class pilot Vladimir Objedkov. State reception was given in honor of Irkutsk delegation in Russian Federation Embassy and Russian Trade mission Japan. The main action in Tokyo was Priangarje presentation in the hall of «Jetro», (JETRO, Japan External Trade Organization) for officials and businessmen from the Country of Rising sun. During the presentation a number of investment projects was presented, including reconstruction of «Irkutsk» airport. It implies functioning strip lengthening in 835 meters and construction of a new strip which would be located at angle of 33 degrees to the present strip. The project of $80 million cost was presented to Japanese businessmen by airport director general Aleksey Kulikov. Presentation of «Siberia» development concept was held at «Tolmachevo» airport (Novosibirsk). Members of Siberia Airlines carried on negotiations with Japan state and aviation officials about opening of the scheduled flight to Japan. Today one of the main initiators of air communication with the country of Rising sun is Irkutsk region administration. According to Boris Govorin, the Governor, owing to this much more Japanese tourists could visit Irkutsk and Baikal. Economic relations between Irkutsk and Japan have a long-standing history started in XVIII century when Irkutsk used to be main eastern gates of the Russian Empire. At present there are four Irkutsk region - Japan twin-cities, Priangarye accounts for one-fifth of Russian-Japanese turnover. On the region territory 335 joint enterprises with stated capital approximately $1 billion. According to Irkutsk mass media information, more than 20 thousand of the Japanese come annually to this region. Last year, it was Irkutsk where the meeting of President of Russia Vladimir Putin and prime minister of Japan Iosiro Mori. The first flight to Tokyo was made by Siberia Airlines 5 years ago in March of 1997. Air-liner Il-86 delivered from Moscow to Tokyo, and then to Novosibirsk, more than 300 participants and organizers of World Cup for biathlon along with all the sports ammunition (including arm and skies). Biathlon competitions took place in Nagano (Japan) and Novosibirsk. Since 2001, the third most important Siberia Airline hub (traffic center) after Novosibirsk and Moscow is functioning in Irkutsk. East Siberian branch of «Siberia» is organized here, which is based on the local airlines («Baikal» and «Sayani») air crew, having lost their positions on main-line traffic market earlier. At present «Siberia» makes two daily flights from Irkutsk to Moscow, as well as flights to Novosibirsk, Vladivostok, Yakutsk, Blagoveshensk and Sheniyan (China). Opening of new scheduled flights to Sochi, Krasnodar, Habarovsk and Dalyan (China) is planned for the summer.