Siberia Airlines’ Travel Agency — Activities Report (January — July, 2001)


The number of passengers flying to Thailand has grown by 91% in comparison to the same span of the year 2000. Tours to Antalya and Larnaka were traditionally in high demanded - 14% and 21.3% growth respectively. In the passenger flow carried to Antalya and Larnaka by Siberia Airlines’ charter flights in the seven-month span 16.3 and 19.5% respectively were tourists of the Travel Agency. The increasing sales volume is conditioned by involving more tour managers to the network of Siberia Airlines’ branch and representative offices.
“In spite of the fact that supply of package tours for the most popular routes exceeds the demand for the latter the volume of service being provided by Siberia Airlines Travel Agency keeps steadily growing. Such growth is the result of flexible pricing policy and individual approach to each client”, believes the Director of the Agency, Svetlana Antoshkina. In the summer of 2001 the Company arranged two new charter directions from Novosibirsk: Bodrum (Turkey) and Barcelona (Spain). Due to convenient interlining of Siberia Airlines’ flights individual tours via Moscow were a real success this year. The passenger flow to Moscow has grown by three times in comparison to the last year. The routes map had also been expanded: France, Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria are now in geography of flights operated by Siberia Airlines. As for the national tourism, these are traditionally package tours for children to St.Petersburg and Sochi this year. The Travel Agency of Siberia Airlines was founded in August, 1994. Since the day of establishing the Agency has been on the Board of Sales Directors in Siberia Airlines. The Agency’s main goal is arranging international and domestic tours. First of all these are the tours performed by the flights included into Siberia Airlines’ regular schedule and various charter programs. The Agency acts directly within the structure of Siberia AirLines, one of the leading Russian air carriers, and it is considered to be its main advantage. This gives the Agency an opportunity to guarantee flights reliability, close following departure and arrival schedules and excellent service onboard and at destination points. Siberia Airlines has representative offices in most destination points. The Agency’s speciality is international tourism including various tourist programs: business and holiday trips, business and curiosity tours in any season. As Siberia AirLines has a number of regular and charter flights on its schedule the Travel Agency has an opportunity to offer you travelling to more than 12 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. Extended experience of international activities and strategic partnership with Siberia AirLines allows the Agency to guarantee high quality of services provided. This fact is proved by a number of official awards: - Major Gold Medal and Diploma of “TurSib-2001” Exhibition; - Minor Gold Medal of “TurSib-2000” Exhibition; - Major Gold Medal and Diploma of “TurSib-1999” Exhibition; - Gold Diploma of “TurSib-1998” Exhibition. For more information, please, contact us: Siberia Airlines, Novosibirsk, Russia, Advertising and Public Relations Department Phone: (383-2) 22-19-31; phone/fax: (383-2) 22-68-30. Email:,