Siberian Airline: the first month of flights from the international airport «Domodedovo»


Employment of armchairs in planes of Siberian Airline carrying out flights from the airport «Domodedovo» during the first month made up 72,1%, and commercial loading 63, 5 %. The total parameters for the similar period made up 68,9% and 62,1% accordingly. Per separate days the airport «Domodedovo» served more than 60 flights and up to 9000 passengers of Siberian Airline during 24 hours. In spite of the fact that with transition of Siberian Airline, amount of works of the airport «Domodedovo» has increased more than on third, the regularity of execution, of flights according to the central time-table of «Siberia» succeed in keeping on enough high level, so for two first weeks of June the regularity made up 86%. Since May 25 by airline «Siberia» is organized free-of-charge delivery of the passengers by comfortable buses from the airport building complex up to the station of the underground «Domodedovskaya» with an interval 30 minutes. In a near future the question about free-of-charge delivery of the passengers of «Siberia» from Moscow up to the airport «Domodedovo» will be solved. Now airline «Siberia» and international airport «Domodedovo» conduct joint work on perfection of the whole complex of services, offered to the passengers, in flight and on ground.