Sky 7 Bonus Project: First Tickets Have Been Issued


The lucky passenger is Irina Serova traveling on the Novosibirsk—Moscow—Novosibirsk flight. Irina is a regional manager for an overseas company and hence, is a frequent customer of Siberia Airlines in her official capacity. She has been making use of the company’s services from the date of its foundation and was happy about the launch of a new project for regular air passengers: Serova states: «This bonus project is more thoroughly detailed, far more efficient and much more attractive than any previous one that I have had the experience to compare it with, and I feel proud that a domestic company can assure such a high standard of services and takes every effort to bring in newer and better services for its passengers. Sky 7—is apparently an additional bonus in favor of Siberia Airlines, therefore without any reservation I immediately joined the project». Recently another passenger has joined the ranks of Sky 7 project and with a substantial stock of 50,000 bonus-points. A prize card of a project participant and souvenirs from Siberia Airlines were ceremonially presented to Inna Prokhorova (on the photo—extreme left). She was nominated the winner of the «1000-th Subscriber for Siberia Airlines’ News Bulletin» campaign which is held on the company’s website: Siberia Airlines wishes all its regular passengers a very Happy New Year and is looking forward to new reunions on board Siberia’s aircrafts!