Strategic alliance of «Siberia Airlines» and «Armavia»


With assistance of the leading Armenian and Russian mass media Alexander Zagainoff, Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Republic of Armenia, Samvel Markarian, Head of ?DCA of Republic of Armenia, Mikhail Bagdasaroff, Chairman of «Armavia» Supervisory Board, Directors of «Armavia», «Siberia Airlines» and “Aviatrans” company took part in the meeting.
The participants highly appreciated the prospects of international cooperation between second-level national air-carriers of Russia and Armenia. «Siberia Airlines» and «Armavia» directors informed other members about strategic partnership details. In September-October of 2002 «Siberia Airlines» made a number of Contracts with «Armavia» Armenian airline.
The pack of Contracts is comprised of: interline-agreement between «Armavia» and «Siberia Airlines» companies, according to this Contract «Siberia Airlines» shall become «Armavia» universal agent using both its own ticket office system and agent booking system within Russia and abroad. At present an active work on making contracts of joint exploitation of a number of air-lines «shering-code» is carried out.
«I am glad very much that the process of an active «Armavia» business reconstruction has begun with the direct assistance of «Siberia Airlines», the largest Russian airline. — A Chairman of «Armavia» Supervisory Board Mikhail Bagdasaroff stressed. — Such a pooling of the largest advanced companies’ efforts may solve a problem of a different kind both in business and production».
One of the most important directions of strategic partnership is new aircrafts of leading world producers of aeronautical engineering using and servicing. For the first stage in October, 2002 with «Siberia Airlines» direct interest, «Armavia» rented the first plane A 320 with one of the world largest International Lease Finance Corporation.
At the beginning of this plane exploitation by «Armavia», under the corresponding Contract, all flights between two carriers has been executed by «Siberia Airlines» pilots. During summer of 2002 these pilots has passed all necessary training in practice centers of France and China. In addition, all stewards are staffs of «Armavia» Armenian airline.
«Siberia Airlines» in concordance with the Contract will also completely accomplish planes A320 servicing. In addition, «Siberia Airlines» is planning to undertake engineering includes independent planning of servicing and modification, working up sheets, warrant and other documents.
As the plane will be based in Yerevan, «Siberia Airlines» found there and certified as provided by requirements JAR-145 of JAA, Line Servicing Station A-320. Engineers and technicians of the board of directors on «Siberian Airlines» aeronautical engineering servicing, made by western producers will work there by duty.
Two aircarriers of Armenia and Russia cooperation became possible owing to international cooperation policy, being conducted between these two states.