Summer youth charter program of Siberia Airlines has been completed at Nizhnevartovsk


The success of summer charter program was due to the victory won by Siberia Airlines at the open contest in obtaining city order for youth 2002 summer holiday conveyance in December of 2001. The customers were Nizhnevartovsk Administration, Nizhnevartovsk Regional Administration and Nizhnevartovsk Coordinating Center for social problems.
Siberia Airlines started to perform annual summer charter flights from Nizhnevartovsk to south resorts in 1995. During the period about 30 thousand of passengers have been transported from Nizhnevartovsk and back.
During first six months of 2002 Siberia Airlines has conveyed 1 million 83 thousand of passengers, that is 57,6% higher than for that period of the previous year. Number of Siberia Airlines flights was increased in 44% from January to June compared to the first half of 2001. New 12 flights, which were out of schedule last year, have appeared at Siberia Airlines schedule, including 3 international flights.
In August of 2002, according to International Aircraft Transport Association (IATA) rating of 2001 results, Siberia Airlines entered the list of 50 largest airline world companies by domestic traffic flow.