The airline began «Siberia» flights in Kiev


Distinctive feature of new flight is its convenient joint with morning flights of airline from the Siberian cities to Moscow. In Siberia the significant number of the natives of Ukraine works, besides the historically existing economic communications between Ukraine and Siberian region of Russia are strong. These circumstances have caused an urgency of a new direction for the passengers of airline, both as in Ukraine, so and in Siberia («Siberia» carries out flights to Moscow from 12 Siberian cities, most of which daily). The Kiev flight became the next international direction of airline. For today the time-table of regular flights of «Siberia» includes flights to nine countries, among them: Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Germany, China, Southern Korea, Incorporated Arabian Emirates and Israel. The regular international flights are carried out from Moscow, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Irkutsk and Barnaul. Total number of passengers transported on flights of «Siberia» for first five months of 2002, made up 802 797 men, that is 67,5% more, than for the similar period of 2001. The passenger turnover of Siberian Airline for the given period also has increased in 65% and has reached a level 2363,0 mln. passenger — kilometers. At that there was an increase of commercial loading in 3,9 % and employment of armchairs in 5,25%, which made up 66,7% and 69,1% accordingly.