The First Step of Siberia Airlines' Rebranding Plan is Entering Finishing Stage


The Siberia Airlines management took a decision to review its brand last year. The first step of the rebranding plan, which started in October 2003, included a comprehensive audit of the Company's operation, its positioning on the air transportation market and its perception by the consumers and by the competition. In accordance with Siberia Airlines' strategic plans, the Landor Associates consultants developed a new brand concept for the Company.
Siberia Airlines rebranding plan includes not only changes in the Company's visual identity but also a new service vision. The Company's onboard service, ticket offices and representative offices' atmosphere will be communicated through the visual component of the new brand.
«The renewed Company will offer a new vision of providing customer service to the market», says Stanislav Zingel, Siberia Airlines' brand manager. «Currently we have approached the stage of the development and delivery of the new brand. It will be launched this year in late November».
In 2003, Siberia Airlines ranked the first among the Russian airlines for the internal traffic volume and the second for the total passenger turnover. Last year the Company carried 3.4 million passengers.
In February 2004, Siberia Airlines received an International Air Transport World award for Market Leadership. In addition, Siberia Airlines became the first Russian winner of the Award for Excellence in Corporate Strategy at the Flight International Aerospace Awards.