The liner Tu - 204-100 of Siberian Airline started next new route


Earlier this flight was carried out by the plane Tu-154. Distance between these cities - 3465 km, time of flight - about 5 hours. The flights on the given route are carried out from Novosibirsk from times of USSR. Except for direct flight "Siberia" carries out transfer transportations in directions of Yerevan - Novosibirsk - Yakutsk (Irkutsk, Vladivostok, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski, Pekin), on which the special tariffs work. The cases are known, when the passengers from Yerevan used the change in Novosibirsk for the further flight to Moscow. At that the flights on both directions were carried out on flights of "Siberia". Now in the park of "Siberia" there are two planes which carry out regular flights from Novosibirsk to Frankfurt and Hanover (Germany), Seoul (Southern Korea) and charter flights to Barcelona (Spain). In total for 2,5 years of operation in "Siberia" the liner Tu-204 mastered more than 10 routes.