The New S7 Business Lounge Has Opened At Tolmachevo Airport In Novosibirsk


The range of services available to visitors of the lounge allows excellent opportunities for work and leisure. Computers with internet access, office equipment, newspapers, a bar, a cloakroom, smoking areas, live music in the evenings — these and other features are all designed to allow guests maximum comfort. The architecture and unique design of the business lounge in Tolmachevo, as in the lounge at Domodedovo, reflect the new brand conception for the company, which was designed by the Landor international agency. The areas of the lounge change their function depending on the time of day — the “caf?” zone changes to a “bar”, while the “office” zone changes to “home”.

The first chance to check out the new lounge was given to representatives of Novosibirsk’s biggest companies, during a presentation carried out on March 17. Tina Kandelaki presented the event, and was “teleported” to Novosibirsk from the S7 business lounge at Domodedovo. The “bridge” with Tina Kandelaki between the two business class lounges showed the guests the whole range of services for business class passengers flying on S7 Airlines flights between Novosibirsk and Moscow. As one of the guests of the presentation noted, the range of services in S7 business lounges is unique because it is aimed at the passenger for whom flying business class is not a rare occurrence but a major part of their lifestyle. The opening of the lounge is one more step in the company’s rebranding program as well as another improvement in S7’s levels of service at its hub airports. In the future, the airline also plans to open a business lounge in Irkutsk Airport.

S7 Airlines is a registered trademark of Siberia Airlines.

Photos: The leisure zones in the S7 business lounge; Sergei Stepanishchev, the director of the Siberian branch of Siberia Airlines, Tina Kandelaki, and Alexei Chertenkov, the general director of Tolmachevo airport during the presentation of the lounge.