The practical implementation of the rebranding program at Siberia Airlines has begun


"The repainting of the aircraft fleet is one of the most important programs included in the process of rebranding Siberia Airlines. The external appearance of our aircraft is a most important means for communicating with passengers. It is called to reflect the values of the new brand” says Stanislav Zingel, the deputy director for promoting and developing the brand of Siberia Airlines. “This year two more Tu-154M planes will be re-painted, and the Boeing-737 airplanes which will supplement our fleet this summer will by this time already be newly repainted. All together we plan to complete the repainting of the entire fleet in 3-4 years" he added.

The new Siberia Airlines aircraft paint scheme will apply two tones of green color to the entire fuselage of the aircraft and the placement of the new logo of the airline on the fuselage and on the tail. The logo S7 is the international code assigned by the International Air Transport Association IATA; this name has already been used for a fairly long time in Siberia programs oriented to passengers. On the side of the airplane, the silhouettes of the “people of S7” have been applied, which is one of the key visual elements of the new brand of the airline, as well as the Internet address of the airline (

The rebranding process at Siberia Airlines began in October of 2003, when a contract was signed with the Landor Company for developing a new brand for the airline. The final stage of implementing Siberia Airline’s rebranding program will begin in the second half of this year.