To make a crew more effective


The significance of the problem was first noted by the famous Soviet test pilot, the Hero of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gromov, "To reliably fly the aircraft you need to know how to operate it, but it is more important to know how to control yourself."For several years the human factor has been studied by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and national aviation administrations. Since January 1, 2001, Russian Aviation Authorities implements Manual on psychological casting, training and professional work of civil aviation crews and dispatching staff . Here psychological training is considered to be an integral part of teaching the crew how to effectively interact during the flight.For two years Siberia Airlines has been developing its own system of psychological training for the flight crews. This program is supposed to improve psychological interaction in the crews and to consequently raise flights security level. Such programs are known as CRM (Cockpit Resource Management) abroad. Applying elements of this method of professional training was recognized as sensible during the Flight Service Council of the airline, which was held this spring.At the moment introducing the system of psychological training is managed by the Head of Department of Psychological Support of Flight Personnel and Attendants (being part of Flight Operation Division, FOD), Nikolay Budayev, along with the Deputy Director of Flight Technologies Department, Alexander Ternovykh and the Deputy Director, Personnel, FOD, Alexander Zavrazhin. This workgroup has studied the results of the CRM program implementation in "Aeroflot" and "Volga-Dnepr" airlines.Scientific and practical developments of the Civil Aviation Academy, St.-Petersburg,  were also investigated."Continuous increase of number of international flights demands for appropriate level of skills  and flight personnel management according to the world standards. These standards assume flight personnel CRM training as an integral element," notes Viktor Mikryukov, Deputy Director, Flight Quality and Safety.