Tolmachevo Airport's Millionth Passenger Flies With S7 Airlines


Her intuition was not wrong. A portable DVD-player and a certificate valid for a year allowing her to use the business lounge at Tolmachevo Airport, as well as a round of applause for being the millionth passenger — a symbol of stability and growth in passenger numbers — made for a happy start to her holiday on the Black Sea coast. S7 Airlines also organized prizes for the girl — valuable presents and the use of the airline's own business lounge before the flight.

The millionth passenger is an important annual landmark for the Novosibirsk airport. It is no surprise that the passenger in this case was flying with S7 Airlines, given that 56% of all Tolmachevo's passengers travel with the company. The date the airport welcomes its millionth passenger is getting earlier every year. In 2002, Tolmachevo saw its millionth passenger in October; since then, the number of passengers using the airport has increased by more than 30%, thanks not least to new flights operated by S7 Airlines.