Tourist activity of Siberia Airlines is rewarded


The contest of tourist operators and travel agencies of Novosibirsk region according to the results of activity in 2003, devoted to the World Day of tourism, was conducted by authorities of Novosibirsk region, Novosibirsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Novosibirsk Association of Tourist Companies. In winter 2002-03 travel agency sent about 500 tourists to Thailand by charter flights of Siberia Airlines. Travel agency has being developing this direction of entertainment for the sixth year already, and it can be really named as a traditional and the most popular one. More than 1000 tourists were conveyed to P.R. China from the beginning of 2003. A trip from P.R. China is organized by travel agency on the basis of scheduled flights of Siberia Airlines to Beijing and Urumqi and are very popular among shop-tourists. Flights to Beijing were renewed by the airline in July after two months break, connected with SARS, and to Urumqi they were renewed a month before. The first charter flights of Siberia Airlines to P.R. China and Thailand were operated already 10 years ago. Tourist activity of Siberia Airlines is the subject of the company’s own printings. In the corporate newspaper for personnel of the airline «Krylia Sibiri» (The Wings of Siberia) they publish every week materials about new lines of travel agency’s activity. The information bulletin «S7», published for partners and clients of Siberia Airlines, regularly informs about activity of tourist net of the airline in 12 cities of Russia. On pages of magazine for passengers on board of the airline you can find interesting information about recreation in different countries and service information about tourist net of Siberia Airlines and about offered tourist products. This magazine is planned to be for the widest range of readers. At the present time tourist activity of the airline is represented as own Travel agencies of the airline in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk and as representative offices of travel agencies in nine cities of Russia. This net allows selling product in all regional subdivisions on uniform terms, at unit cost and owing to the united information center. During eight months of 2003 subdivisions of travel agency served 5010 tourists, about a half of them were served in Novosibirsk travel agency. The main directions of conveyance of tourists from Novosibirsk in 2003 are P.R. China, Thailand, Turkey, Arab Emirates, Spain, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Germany, and the South of Russia. Tours on these directions are performed on the basis of scheduled and charter flights of Siberia Airline and that is the main principle of tourist activity of the airline. At exhibition-fairs «TourSib» Novosibirsk travel agency of Siberia Airlines every year is rewarded as one of the leading agencies at tourist market of the Western Siberia.