Travel agency of Siberia Airlines cancels tours to the Maldives and Phuket


Siberia Airlines suggests canceling charter flight from Novosibirsk to the Maldives, which had to depart January 6. Services which had to depart January 4 and January 6 at destination Novosibirsk — Phuket — Utapao are suggested to be conducted as follows: January 4 deliver passengers to Utapao and take tourists who are currently located in Phuket; January 6 conduct flight Novosibirsk - Utapao. As it was announced yesterday, a decision was taken in Irkutsk , that instead of the flight Irkutsk- Phuket — Utapao (January 4) the flight will be conducted at destination Irkutsk — Utapao.
Travel agency of Siberia Airlines is canceling tours to the Maldives and Phuket and is offering its clients a full refund. Clients can get a refund during regular office hours. Siberia Airlines also guarantees full refund to the partner tourist companies for the cancelled flights. At the same time, Siberia Airlines emphasizes that, should the tour operators which has purchased blocks of seats on the charter flights insist on the flights to Male and Phuket, the company will meet its obligations.
Further on Siberia Airlines will provide all the necessary information regarding the events in the region.