Travel agency of Siberia Airlines invites to Bavaria


The meeting of German and Russian partners took place in «Renascence» hotel, it was organized by authorities of the State of Bavaria (der Freistaat Bayern) with assistance of National travel office of Germany in Moscow. The presentation's traditional Bavarian style with sausages and beer attracted attention of many Russian travel agencies; they became interested in work on German direction.
For Siberia Airlines travel agency Germany direction, as a whole, and Bavaria direction, in particular, are the one of priority directions of its work, that is why visitors of the presentation were offered a range of programs of the travel agency: sightseeing and health-improving tours along Bavaria, business trips and going to be actual mountain-skiing and visiting the holiday of Oktoberfest Beer in Munich. The flight of tourists of Siberia Airlines to Bavaria is to be on airline's regular flight Moscow - Munich, it is operated five times a week from Domodedovo airport.