Winter schedule has been brought in


Flights to Moscow S7 1145/46 from Krasnodar, S7 1023/23 from Sochi, S7 425/26 from Nizhnevartovsk and S7 1213/14 from Mineralny Vody will be executed daily; flight S7 115/16 from Ulan-Ude to Moscow will executed 4 times a week; day flight from Moscow to Novosibirsk S7 177/78 will be kept; flight S7 779/780 will be executed six times a week.
In total in the limits of the winter schedule it is planning to execute more than 170 flights a week on 45 directions, including 18 international.
The total number of planned flights (including return flights) is 4045, that is 15% more than the number of executed flights for the period of winter schedule of 2001/2002 year.