Working results of Siberia Airlines for the first quarter of 2003


4092 flights were performed that is 15,6% higher than the showings for the first three months of 2002. New flights to Dusseldorf (Germany) and Surgut were entered into Siberia Airlines schedule. Percentage of seat occupancy of Siberia Airlines flights was 73,2%, and enplaned traffic percentage - 71,3% (in 2002 - 69,0% and 68,8% correspondingly). In total traffic flow the amount of passengers conveyed by domestic air-lines (DAL) made up 72%; by international air-lines (IAL) - 23,2%; by CIS routes — 4,8%. Thus, Siberia Airlines confirms its reputation as the leading domestic Russian carrier. At the same time in the first quarter of 2003 decrease in traffic flow by IAL was registered (first of all, charter flights to Turkey, Egypt and United Arab Emirates) which is caused by military actions in Iraq. Moreover, within the next few months there may be decrease in traffic flow to South-East Asia (including China) due to SARS in this region having widespread response in mass media. On 30th of March Siberia Airlines started to perform flights according to the summer schedule of 2003, which will be valid till 25th of October. It is planned to launch new scheduled flights from all three hubs (hub airports) of the company in Moscow, Novosibirsk and Irkutsk, which will be connected, with other flights by convenient joints. Flight frequency for some directions will also be increased. Such scheme will provide convenient route network fro the passengers of the company connecting different Russian regions, neighboring and foreign countries, covering the largest part of the Russian territory. Amount of cities where Siberia Airlines will perform its scheduled flights is to be increased up to 49 compared to the last year showings (in 20%), and mount of flights is to be 300 flights a week. In 2002 Siberia Airlines won the first place among the Russian carriers according to traffic flow for domestic air-lines and the second place according to the total passenger turnover. For the last year 2,7 million of passengers were conveyed.