Best offers of the week


Best offers of the week

Rise and shine!

Get tickets at special fares

Fall in love with winter for the bright blush it brings to your cheeks in the mountains, the spicy taste of Christmas Europe and warm family gatherings. Wave off your sleepiness and grab the best deals of this week.

Air tickets at special fares:

Moscow — Pavlodar from 18 807 RUB Buy
Moscow — Chelyabinsk from 7 800 RUB Buy
Moscow — Voronezh from 3 750 RUB Buy
Moscow — Tivat from 16 580 RUB Buy
Moscow — Pisa from 12 064 RUB Buy
Moscow — Barcelona from 12 387 RUB Buy
Moscow — Lipetsk from 3 650 RUB Buy
Moscow — Kazan from 4 400 RUB Buy

Flight cost is specified for one passenger at the minimum fare, including taxes and charges.

The number of tickets is limited.