Information for passengers with tickets to / from China

By order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, from February 1, 2020, Russian and Chinese airlines temporarily suspended regular passenger air transportation, including commercial, from the Russian Federation to the People’s Republic of China and vice versa.

In this regard, S7 Airlines from February 4 to March 28, 2020 completely stops flights to the cities of China and Hong Kong. Flights will be canceled after February 4 flight S7 5724 Beijing — Novosibirsk (arriving at 10:00 local time).

The airline sees risks in continuing to fly to / from China. Monitoring the health of passengers is outside the direct responsibility of the airline, and, as shown by hospitalization of passengers, a basic check at the airport of departure does not guarantee the identification of the primary symptoms of a possible infection.

We offer passengers several options:

  • to get a refund of the full price of the ticket
  • to exchange tickets with departure from Beijing, Urumqi, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hong Kong for flights with departure from Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Bangkok, Phuket, Cam Ranh, if it’s available.
  • to exchange tickets for Aeroflot flights from the airports of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong to the destination with a transfer in Moscow if it's available.

Both options of tickets exchange are available for Russian citizens only.

S7 Airlines does its best to provide passengers from Russia with the opportunity to return home as soon as possible.

To arrange an involuntary refund of airfare:

  • If you bought a ticket on the website, in the S7 Airlines application or in the Contact Center, you can make a request for a refund yourself on the website in the My Reservations section
  • If you have issued tickets through a travel agency, on the Internet (but not on the website or at ticket offices, you need to apply for a refund at the place of ticket purchase

To exchange tickets, including flights of Aeroflot Airlines, contact the S7 Airlines contact center.

More detailed information can be obtained by calling the S7 Airlines contact center 8 800 700-07-07 (for free calls within Russia) or by calling 8 495 777-99-99. For passengers in China, call 400-007-0725.