How to book a hotel room?

  • Option one — in the tab "Tickets" on the main website page when purchasing air tickets. At the third step of online booking accept the offer to book a hotel room. It’s very convenient, because you pay for the whole purchase (ticket + hotel) in one transaction.
  • Option two ­— in the tab "Hotels" on the main website page or using the Hotel Catalogue. This way you can only book a hotel room without buying any air tickets. 

"Search" page 


  • Destination — city and country, where you want to book a hotel room.

Enter the first three letters of the city name and you will see a list of possible variants with such letter combination. Click the needed name in order not to type it. 

  • The number of suites, the number of rooms in a suite, number of adults and children to stay there.

Pay attention, that the age of a passenger flying at the child fare differs from the age, when a hotel guest is considered to be a child: a child for the airline company is a passenger from 0 to 12 years old, a child for a hotel is a guest aged 0 to 14. It means that if you travel with a 12-year-old child, you should buy a ticket for him/her at the adult fare, but book a room at the child fare. 

  • Arrival and departure dates

You can easily enter the correct date and month - click them on the pop up calendar. 

Clicking the link "Help" will take you to the FAQ page section devoted to online booking of hotel rooms.

When the request is ready — click "Search".

For a more detailed search enter additional data (hotel rating, type, location, name) and then click "Search".

"Select Hotel" page

The results of your request are shown. It’s time to make your choice! 

You can change your request and enter other search criteria. Click "Change" and you’ll return to the previous page. 

In order to find the most suitable offer you should: 

  • Find the location of the hotel on the map
  • Sort the hotels by the relevant criterion, e. g. price: from the economy options to the most expensive ones. If you want to stay at some particular hotel find it by its name by sorting the items in the alphabetical order.
  • To reduce the number of offers, add a filter — hotels not matching this parameter will be removed. You can reset the filter and get back to the full hotel list.
  • Find out more about the hotel service. Pictograms in the hotel description will help you do so. They note the services offered: Wi-Fi, parking, restaurant, laundry, cash machine, currency exchange office, meeting room, room service, etc. If you click the link "More", you’ll find information about building and suite equipment, you can also see the route from the airport to the hotel on the map and find out its distance in kilometers. And more — you can read reviews about the hotel on the website

Found your dream hotel?  Click "Select and continue"! 

"Select Hotel Room" page 

You will see the types of rooms available at the hotel. The cheapest option is offered by default. But you can choose any other room, more comfortable and expensive. 

In your "Cart" you will see the total purchase price in roubles. If needed, you can convert the sum into USD, Euro, yuan or other currency by clicking "In other currency". 

Click "Book" to create a room booking. 

"Trip Review" page

On the screen you will see information on your order and the terms and conditions of hotel room booking and cancellation. 

On this page you can add other services to your booking:

  • Rent a car, if the car rental services are available in the destination city.
  • Book a hotel room in another city, if your trip suggests stops in different cities.

Please, carefully read the General Terms and Conditions of Additional Service Purchase on the website of OJSC "S7 Tour". Please note, that by clicking the button to continue the next page, you agree with all terms and conditions and limitations, set forth in the rules in respect of each service chosen for you trip, and with the rules and conditions of passenger and baggage transportation.

"Personal Details" page 

Provide information on the persons the hotel room was booked for - name and surname, date of birth, contact details, etc. The required fields are starred. You should use Latin letters when entering all names and surnames, and enter numbers without spaces. 

"Payment" page 

You can pay for a hotel room with a Visa or Master Card. No commission is charged.

More about payment with a Visa card. 

"Confirmation" page

Congratulations, you’ve successfully booked a hotel room online! 

On this page you will find complete information on your purchase. Use "Print" and "Send" (to email) buttons to get the following documents: 

  • Purchase confirmation. It confirms that you’ve booked and paid for the hotel room on our website.
  • Hotel voucher. It contains all information on your booking. Print and present it when checking into the hotel. 

If you have any questions left, refer to our operators at the S7 Contact Centre by calling 8 800 700-0707 (free within Russia). You make the call directly from the website using the button "Online call" at the bottom of the screen.

S7 Airlines wishes you a pleasant trip!