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Planning your perfect trip is quick and easy. By visiting just one website, you can select everything: tickets, hotels, car rentals, and any other services you might need during your trip. Save time and plan your travel on s7.ru.

Забронируйте номер вместе с S7 Airlines
Скидки до 20% на отели-партнеры S7 Airlines Скидки до 20%


What will it be: a beach house, a cozy family inn, or a suite in a high-rise with views of the entire city? Find familiar hotels or get excited about new experiences and choose something completely different!

Over 2 million offers powered by Booking.com and Even more S7 Priority Miles when you book a hotel.

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Choose apartments with S7 Airlines
Скидки до 20% с промокодом S7 Airlines Скидки до 20%


Make yourself at home! Choose apartments from the owners and live like a local. Hundreds of options for apartments and houses.

Over 6 million offers from Airbnb and Even more S7 Priority Miles for Reservation.

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Select a car with S7 Airlines
Спецпредложения и скидки с гарантией лучшей цены Лучшая цена

Rental Cars

Explore, discover something new, and get off the beaten path! You can rent a car in any of 160 countries worldwide. The choices are virtually unlimited. You can even get a minivan or a luxury car.

900 car rental companies in 160 countries worldwide and Even more S7 Priority Miles when you book your car rental.

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Services at flight

Upgrade to Business Class

Treat yourself to a business class flight. Upgrade your service class during check-in: on the website, in the mobile app, or at the departure airport.

Switch to the Business Class

Seats with Extra Space

Make yourself comfortable and enjoy your flight. Choose Extra Space seats in the economy class cabin and enjoy up to 25 cm more legroom.

Purchase Extra Space

Choose your Seat

Marvel at the clouds near the window, get a seat with extra legroom, or have the entire family sit together! Choose your seat in the cabin and fly just the way you like it.

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Extra Baggage

Bring all that you need and even more! If you have purchased a ticket with no baggage allowance or run out of room in your suitcase, purchase extra baggage.

Bring More Baggage