Terms&Conditions of Campaign «Catch-a-plane» (hereinafter - the «Rules»)

1. General terms of Campaign (hereinafter - the «Campaign»)

1.1. Organizer of the «Catch-a-plane is of «Airline Siberia» , BIN 1025405624430 , located at the following address:
633104, VAT, Ob-4,
5448100656 INN / KPP 997650001
BIN 1025405624430
p/acc . 40702810644020102657
in the Siberian bank of Sberbank of Russia , Novosibirsk
/ acc 30101810500000000641 BIK 045004641, (hereinafter - the "Organizer").

1.2. Campaign Catch-a-plane is the advertising campaign aimed at drawing attention to the services of the Organiser, creating and /or maintaining the interest to them , as well as brand promotion on the market. The Campaign is not intended to make a profit or other income and is not stimulating lottery.

1.3. The Campaign is carried from 30 April 2014 for a period specified in paragraph 3.2.

1.4. Member of Campaign (hereinafter - the "User ") - an individual who has attained 18 years of age.

1.5. Employees and representatives of the Organizer , affiliated persons with him , members of the families of such employees and representatives , as well as employees and representatives of any other organizations and individual entrepreneurs involved in the organization and / or conduct of this Campaign, as well as their families are prohibited to participate in the Campaign.

2. Terms

2.1. Device - mobile operating platform on iOS at least version 7.

2.2. Application - Application «Catch-a-plane», which is a software application designed for the iOS platform to perform certain tasks, and custom designed for a direct interaction with the Participant.

2.3. Website - a set of text and image data on the Internet, available to users of the Internet at any time and in any place of their choice and are located on a unique domain address www.s7.ru.

2.4. Personal account - a personal account in the loyalty program for frequent flyer «S7 Priority" ( hereinafter - the " S7 Priority Program").

2.5. Miles - currency units in " S7 Priority Program ", credited to the Participant account and used them in accordance with the Rules of " S7 Priority Program ". Miles accrued by the Participant may be used to obtain the Awards in " S7 Priority Program ". Miles accrued during the Campaign are bonus and do not count for elite status in the program «S7 Priority". Full terms and conditons of " S7 Priority Program " are posted on the Website.

2.6. My Prifile - personal page of the Participant created automatically during registration on the Website and containing information about the protesters, as well as other data necessary for the Campaign.

2.7. Personal information - information relating to the Participant, including the name and email address.

3. Procedure for Conducting The Campaign

3.1. To participate in the Campaign, User must have the device and downloaded via Apple AppStore applications. In the period of the Campaign Participant application allows to collect bonus miles when airplanes under the trademark S7 are passing by, as well as get acquainted with the specials of the Organizer and its oneworld alliance partners , share flight information in social networks facebook.com and twitter.com. In User may log in using his S7 Priority account. If the User is not S7 Priority member, then he will be issued a temporary card after he signed up in the Application; in this case the participant accepts and agrees to the rules of participation in the program «S7 Priority Program» rules posted on the website www.s7.ru. User may upgrade to full account in the Registration section.

3.2. Total miles, provided by the organizers at the event, all the participants - 5,000,000. Campaign is considered complete after the number of miles within the allocated Campaigne is spent.

3.3. The application is free to download and works only with any Internet connection.

3.4. The application has three main functions:

  • sends coordinates of the device to the server , receives a response from the server about finding in radius of 60 km from the Participant aircraft of S7 Airlines or oneworls alliance parnters, the device sends a notification to the user . If the user opens the notification and confirms its intention to earn miles by pressing the "Catch a plane," miles are credited to the account of the Participant in amount of 1, 2 or 3 miles. The number of miles in the following order : flight distance is less than 3000 km - 1 mile, 3000-4000 km - 2 miles, over 4000 - 3 miles. Miles are credited only when the User catches S7 Airlines plene;
  • inform the Participant of the cost of flights S7 Airlines and oneworld partners flights. This information is context and is displayed with information about the overflying aircraft and refers only to the route of the aircraft;
  • provides the participant with the ability to publish in social networks (facebook.com and twitter.com) a reference to the application in the Apple AppStore, accompanying this App download link and contextual information (direction of flight , the amount of accrued miles ). One publication brings additional 1 bonus mile. The participant has the right to publish information of one flight in one social network of the choice ( after the publication the feature is temporarily turned off until catchin another flight).

3.5. Information about the completion of the Campaign will be published on the website under "Special Offers" according to § 3.2.

3.6. One participant has the right to collect miles in a short time with only one device . Too quick miles collection by one participant with multiple devices will lock miles credited to the Participant . Allowable time between enrollment determined by organizer — not more often than 1 plane caught in 10 minutes.

4. Additional terms of participations, guarantees, exemption from liability

4.1. If the Campaign can not be carried out in a planned way due to infection the virus by devices, software errors , interference , unauthorized intrusion , fraud, technical failures or any other cause not controlled by the Organizer and affecting the administration, security, fairness, integrity and accuracy of the Campaign , The Organizer reserves the right in its sole discretion completely disqualify any Participant, which interfered or attempted to interfere in the data entry process , and to cancel , terminate, modify or suspend the Campaign.

4.2. Organizers, as well as persons authorized by him shall not be liable for any technical failures in the Internet service provider to which the participant is connected , including for any errors , omissions, interruptions, deletion of data , defect, delay in operations or transmission , line failures communication, theft , destruction, unauthorized access to the data entered and change . Organizer is not responsible for any problems or technical malfunction of any telephone network, computer online systems, servers , providers , mobile devices, software , non-receipt of any email or data to the Organizer or associated organizations due to technical problems , human error or too much traffic on the Internet as well as any combination of these factors, including injury or damage Participant Device or any other person associated with participation in the Campaign , or arising out of this participation . Input data generated by script , macro or other automated means are void. Organizer and Related Organizations shall not be liable for any errors , omissions , interruptions , spam filters , and any other blockers , deletion, defect , delay in operation or transmission.

4.3. Input data should contain valid information. The data entered will be canceled by decision of the Organizer , if the Participant: sent incomplete, inaccurate or false data ; tried to enter the application through any means other than those specified in paragraph 2.1 of this Regulation , interrupted its participation in the Campaign or violated the terms of this Regulation.

5. Restrictions: compliance with applicable laws

5.1. By participating in the Campaign , each participant agrees as follows:

  • all of the above persons are required to comply with these rules , as well as the current legislation;
  • the rules of the Campaign are governed by applicable laws, and any dispute concerning the Shares shall be settled in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • Organizer reserves the right in its sole discretion to suspend, modify or terminate the campaign , notifying the Members by posting information on the Website and in the Annex no later than ten (10 ) days prior to the expected changes.

6. Use of information

6.1. Member confirming his agreement to participate in Campaign, agrees to the processing (collection, systematization, accumulation , storage, (updating , change) , use, transfer to third parties for the purposes of treatment , depersonalization, blocking , cross-border transfer in accordance with the provisions of the legislation on personal data ) of their personal data (name , email ) for the purpose of this Campaign.

6.2 . Subject to the provisions of paragraph 6.1 of this Regulation Organizer undertakes to ensure full confidentiality of personal data of each Participant or transmit personal information to third parties, except for its subsidiaries , partners, and in cases where disclosure is required by law.

6.3 . Member has the right to withdraw their consent to the processing of personal data. To do this, the Participant shall notify in writing the Organizer of its desire to withdraw personal data . Participant's personal data will be destroyed within three (3 ) days of receipt of the notice from Participant Organizer.