Best offers of the week


Best offers of the week

an exciting winter

Air tickets at special fares

Carve through the snow while snowboarding or surf the waves, make an “angel” in the snow or the sand, drink mulled wine or freshly squeezed juice.
So many different kinds of winter with this week’s best deals!

Air tickets at special fares:

Moscow — Naples (roundtrip) from 10 105 RUB Buy
Moscow — Yakutsk (roundtrip) from 26 104 RUB Buy
Moscow — Saint Petersburg (roundtrip) from 4 400 RUB Buy
Moscow — Düsseldorf (roundtrip) from 9 285 RUB Buy
Moscow — Barnaul (roundtrip) from 10 398 RUB Buy
Moscow — Gorno-Altaysk (roundtrip) from 19 638 RUB Buy
Moscow — Berlin (roundtrip) from 8 813 RUB Buy
Moscow — Kazan (roundtrip) from 5 210 RUB Buy

Flight cost is specified for one passenger at the minimum fare, including taxes and charges.

The number of tickets is limited.