Earn bonus miles when buying car and trip insurance.

Sovcombank insurance


Sovcombank insurance is a composite insurer which is a part of the group of Sovcombank that is the third largest private bank in terms of the assets. Sovcombank insurance has a diversified insurance portfolio. The main lines of the business are motor insurance, VMI, mortgage, travel insurance, property and cargo insurance.

Since 1993 the Company has been creating the products and services that correspond to the customers’ needs and trends of the modern insurance market. In particular, we have offered to our motor insurance customers the product like MICROCASCO, which provides the protection against the main risks- theft and road vehicle accidents with a second participant, as well we have included the option of tele healthcare services in VMI products etc.

We use capacities of top-rated reinsurance international companies such as Hannover Re, АА- (S&P); Swiss Re, АA- (S&P); Lloyd’s Syndicate, A+ (S&P) and others. This allows to handle all insurance cases the most effectively, promptly and to the highest standard.

Sovcombank insurance has a financial strength rating of ruA with a developing forecast assigned by the rating agency “Expert RA” and a credit rating of A(RU) with a stable forecast assigned by Analytical Credit Rating Agency (ACRA).

The insurance products offered by Sovcombank Insurance (JSC) have several advantages and allow you to accumulate miles of the S7 Priority program when purchasing travel insurance, Casco, Minicasco products and property insurance.

How to earn miles

  • Going on a trip and need a travel insurance policy? Get 2 miles1 for every 10 roubles of the policy cost at Liberty Insurance. Calculate the policy and buy it online in minutes!
  • Need reliable protection for your car? Buy Casco or Minicasco product at Liberty Insurance and get 1 mile2 for every 10 roubles of the purchase price of the insurance policy. Just tell your S7 Priority member number when purchasing an insurance policy at the Liberty Insurance sales office or reach the Call Centre at 8 800 100-2-100 (24/7, toll-free from within Russia).
  • Insurance for travellers abroad (travel insurance)
    Travel insurance provides the owner of a policy comprehensive support from Liberty Insurance and necessary treatment in the event of injury or illness abroad. Moreover, a travel insurance policy is necessary to obtain a visa to many countries, including the Schengen ones. You can also insure your baggage, cancellation or interruption of the trip, travels by your own car abroad, etc at Liberty Insurance.
    The consulates and visa registration centres accept the travel insurance issued online when applying for a visa.
  • Casco
    It protects against the widest range of undesirable events that can happen to your car, including car theft and accidents.
    Sovcombank insurance Casco policy has several advantages — you can get an emergency commissioner for free, evacuate a car twice in a single insurance case, promptly settle insurance cases by phone or send a car for repairs without contacting the insurance company’s office.
    The insurance provides for the possibility of payment without certificates when you damage the windshield, as well as an expanded insurance coverage, that includes Russia, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Payment of insurance compensation occurs without considering the deterioration of the car. You can pay for the casco policy in instalments in the following ways: 50/50, 60/40, 40/30/30.

  • Minicasco
    This is a low-cost reliable protection of your car against large losses such as hijacking or car theft, fire event and others. This type of policy will suit experienced drivers who are confident in their skills on the road. The savings amount to 30% of the full cost of CASCO policy.

    What does MiniCasco protect from?

    • Hijacking or car theft;
    • Damage to a vehicle by the fault of a municipal or technical organization;
    • Fire, explosion or vehicle fire as well as technogenic accident;
    • Damage to a vehicle caused by natural disasters or falling foreign objects of a technogenic nature;
    • Damage to a vehicle caused by lawful actions of law enforcement, emergency and rescue services officials.

Apartment insurance(“My apartment” product)

This is a simple and convenient household insurance program.

You can also insure a long-term rental apartment under this program.

What can you include in your insurance?

  • Basic bearing structures including door and window frames;
  • Interior decoration of the apartment including built-in furniture;
  • Movable goods (furniture, appliances, clothes etc);
  • General liability to neighbors during use of the apartment.

What can be included in the insurance coverage?

“Sovcombank insurance” (JSC) compensates the damage in result of:

  • Water-caused damages and other liquids from utility systems/neighboring (foreign) premises;
  • Fire, lightning bolt, explosion, fall of a manned flying object, its parts and cargo;
  • Burglary, robbery, robbery with violence;
  • Illegal acts of third parties;
  • Natural hazards;
  • Foreign objects attacks;
  • Damage to neighboring property (as a result of water damage, fire).

1 Miles for the purchased travel insurance policy are credited exclusively to one card of the programme member, the policy has to be issued and paid for online when switching from the site. Your ID number of S7 Priority is necessary to enter at the final stage of an online purchase travel policy to the appropriate field.

2 Miles for CASCO, MiniCASCO and property insurance (“My apartment”) are credited exclusively when purchasing a policy in sales offices of “Sovcombank insurance” (JSC) or reaching the Call-Center at 8 800 100-2-100 (24/7, toll-free from within Russia).Just tell your S7 Priority member number when purchasing a policy.

Miles are automatically credited to your account within 45 days. You can recover miles within 150 days after you buy the Casco or Minicasco policies.

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According to Forbes Magazine, AlfaStrakhovanie is Russia’s largest private insurance company, offering insurance programs for individuals and for businesses looking to protect their interests.

Thanks to AlfaStrakhovanie’s extensive network of coverage, you can travel around the world worry-free1. No need to visit an office to resolve insurance claims. All you need is a smartphone with internet access.

Members of the S7 Priority Program can earn insurance miles for the “Travel” and “Travel-Sport” insurance policies for comprehensive and collision and property insurance.

How to earn miles

  • Select “travel insurance” in “Travel” and “Travel-Sport” when purchasing your ticket on and receive one mile for every 20 rubles of the policy’s value.
  • Select a comprehensive insurance policy or property insurance, including mortgage insurance and receive one mile for every 30 rubles of the policy’s value. You may purchase a comprehensive policy in one of AlfaStrakhovanie’s sales offices, or on Property insurance can only be purchased in AlfaStrakhovanie offices. To transfer miles to your account, fill out the form: enter the number, date, cost of the insurance policy, and your S7 Priority member number.

1Coverage is provided in accordance with the terms of your policy in AlfaStrakhovanie JSC.

The AlfaStrakhovanie group unites AlfaStrakhovanie JSC, AlfaStrakhovanie-Life LLC, AlfaStrakhovanie-OMS LLC, and AlfaStrakhovanie-Medicine LLC. The group’s combined equity is 14.3 billion rubles. The AlfaStrakhovanie group is part of the Alfa-Group financial and industrial consortium (Alfa-Bank, Alfa-Capital, A1, Rosvodokonal, X5 Retail Group N.v.). The group is licensed to offer more than 100 insurance products, including life insurance and accident insurance. There are over 270 regional insurance offices doing business across Russia, and the group has more than 24.8 million clients throughout the country. The AlfaStrakhovanie group has earned Fitch’s “BB” financial stability rating on the international scale, as well as Expert RA Rating Agency’s highest AA+ reliability rating.